What is the Still Division ?

In the South of Israel in the way between Kibbuts Holit and Kibbuts Keem Shalom (Road 232).It is a Monument in Memory to all the fallen in th e six day war from  the Still Devision of the Commender Israel Tal .It dedicated in 5 of Jun 197710 Years after the war.The artistt is Israel Gododvits .The Monument built off 5 centaral pilares 75 feet  tall.On the top and balkony as an onservation point .On the ground level a room in memory for 180 worieres of the Devison .Around the 5 central pilares there is 29 Pilares more with parts of Combats viecals .In the front of the monument the names of the fallen from each Brigade .The monument built in the begining in the City of Yamit which was in Siani After peace trity with Egypet and the witdrew of the Israeli Army from Sinai the monument was moved to this place.






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